Creating *Vibrant* Health Through Juicing

The following is information on my Signature Talk that I would be pleased to do for your group or organization.  Or get several healthy-minded friends together and I will come to your home. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Juicing preparation and sampling

Experience Patsy's "Signature Talk" on Creating *Vibrant* Health Through Juicing.  Not only will Patsy tell you that you can boost your energy and heal your body at your age through clean eating and fresh juices, but she will also share her story of what it has done for her, and can also do for you.  This presentation is packed with information...everything you will need to know about juicing...and is interspersed with compelling and inspiring stories.

Why Juice?

  • Re-boots your energy
  • Satisfies REAL hunger
  • Strengthens the immune system to heal your body
  • Boosts brain power
  • Brings out inner and outer beauty
  • Turns back the aging clock

Do You Know?

  • Health benefits of fresh juices
  • Formulas for the best healing juices
  • Fruits or vegetables – which is best
  • Which juicer to use
  • Juicing preparation and sampling
  • Best way to store juices for optimum enzyme power
  • How to do a juice fast and detox

She is available to do her Signature Talk for your group, organization, or even for a group of friends in your home, that are interested in being inspired to change their life!  To understand the secrets of the detox.